Sunday, November 16, 2008

SunSpots Productions Youngest Voice Talent

Voiceover Talent Alexandra SpazianiI want to welcome a new voiceover talent, Alexandra Spaziani. She's on her way to becoming a pro and at only 4 years old (she'll be 5 in December) she's currently the youngest voice talent on our EZcast™ voiceover talent roster. Thankfully, she and her parents live close to our Asheville, North Carolina studio so it's no hassle to come in for auditions or spots.

Earlier this week I spoke with her mom, Suzanne, about Alexandra's career as a voiceover talent.

Suzanne said Alexandra got started voicing by, "Practicing at home, imitating commercials and cartoons. One day an audition came along where the line was, "I have to go to the bathroom." and she nailed it!"

I wondered if she could already read or if the lines had to be fed to her. "She's close to reading", Suzanne says, "she just repeats the lines for now. She memorizes things incredibly quick. She's mimicked reading since she was 2. She would open the book and "read" it word for word. I was always amazed when I wanted to hurry a bedtime story along and she would point out every word I skipped."

Her mom says that she goes into the voice booth with her and helps feed her the lines. She's getting comfortable with the headphones and mic position. "I think she's pretty close to being comfortable enough to take direction with the headphones on. I want to make sure she is having fun and not get intimidated by it. After every time she goes in the voice booth, I ask her did she have fun and did she love it. I want her to want to do it more then me wanting her to do it."

At 4 years old Alexandra enjoys doing voiceovers, but also loves gymnastics, soccer and even horseback riding (she must be using a tiny horse). As far as a career in the voice business her mom Suzanne says, "She's mentioned she wants to be an actor, but also has talked about being an astronaut,  a teacher and a cheerleader."

We love having her on our roster and hope she has fun and enjoys being a voice talent for as long as she wants.

Thanks to Suzanne for taking the time to speak with me about her daughter, Alexandra Spaziani. In the coming weeks, once school is over for me...(4 classes, never again), I want to focus on every one of our voice over talent so we can all get to the know them better.

How old were you when you started voicing? I didn't do anything professional till I got into radio at age 18, which is now over (BLANK) years ago. I did record crazy voices and little audio shows with my friend Bob Feeley back in Pompano Beach, Florida when we were 12. When I was at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Fort Lauderdale, Bob, Tracy Clahan and I made up a fake news presentation for the high school's morning announcements. That's pretty common these days, but was fun and new to us at the time. Bob's now a comedy writer in Connecticut and Tracy teaches theater at LaGrange College in Georgia.

Did you "do voices" as a kid or have early theater or even broadcast experience?

Like I've mentioned in other posts, please keep me informed about what things you're doing as a voiceover talent. If you have a head shot and want us to use that in our promotion of you please email me.

Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday! It's cold, but beautiful here in the North Carolina mountains.


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  1. Thanks for posting Alexandra's story. Now it's official she is a "kid talent" instead of just a kid! She is so excited to see her picture and hear her demo. I'd love to hear how young the talent at SunSpots Productions started, and what path they took to get into Voice Over work?