Monday, February 25, 2008

How to do a successful voiceover audition

This issue has been coming up lately so let's talk a little about it. How do you make a good voiceover audition? We're going to assume you've already got professional equipment. If you do need equipment please check out SunSpots Voiceover Resource page. With we've got books, computers and other gear for sale at discount prices.

The most important thing to do when it comes to your audition is to follow the client's directions for the read. Before you lay down anything, read the directions and practice your read a couple of times. Get a good feel for the audition, then lay down what you think best matches the instructions you've been sent.

Remember, before you send the mp3 to us, slate your name and SunSpots Productions. Your read should follow this example: "Your Name, SunSpots Productions". Please don't add anything else to the voiceover audition. Don't say "Your Name for SunSpots Productions" or "Hi, this is Jane Smith laying down a couple reads for you. You know I've done lots of spots over the years. And here's my audition". Do anything other than, "Your Name, SunSpots Productions", and your audition may not be sent to our client and you'll lose the job because they never hear you. You see, clients have told us they're listening to many auditions when they're casting a job and they need to only hear the name of the talent and SunSpots Productions after that.

Another way to ensure your success, when you get an audition turn it around as soon as possible. SunSpots Talent Coordinator, Jennifer Stevens agrees, "They must turn it around in a timely manner. It shows they really care about this. It shows enthusiasm! That they're professionals ." It seems that almost every voice job requires an audition. If you've been voicing for decades like I have or are new to the business this is just part of the business we're in. Those who change with the times will survive and thrive. Jennifer continues, "The volume of auditions is beyond our control. Talent have to remember auditions aren't a waste of time. They should treat each one like a potential paycheck."

So make sure your voice over booth and equipment are as high quality as you can afford, read and listen to the directions for the audition, format your audition file exactly as requested and keep sending 'em in.

Is it a lot of work?

I'd like your comments on this. What do you think about all the auditioning going on these days?


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