Friday, May 16, 2008

ISDN Questions?

SunSpots Engineer, Zak Miller and I were talking yesterday about voiceover talent having issues with their studios and ISDN connections. Since Zak is our resident ISDN expert we thought it'd be good if you wanted to post questions here and he could answer them for you. He's helped many talent set up their home studios and voice booths and has had years of experience with the ISDN boxes. SunSpots was working with ISDN back when the similar technology was called "switch 56".
He can also help you with your Source Connect issues, though we're still waiting for those sessions to be as flawless as those using ISDN to connect.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hello!

    So, with the addition of Source Connect to the list of how to get your voiceovers out there, there is a feeling that ISDN transfer will go away. I don't think this will happen due to bandwidth issues, and anyway, recording studios need to have an 'old stand by'. As a voice talent, there are a few options when thinking of what codec (ISDN box) to buy. My thought on this is this...stay within your budget!

    The trend in codecs seems to be the Zephyr Extreme. The Extreme from Telos, offers the entire range of settings to send and recieve, and goes one step further with the "Auto Receive" feature that will take the stress of connecting to the outside studio off the voice talents mind. Just make sure the box is on, and when the studio dials in it will take 40 seconds or so and bing! you are framed!

    Back to Source Connect. We have used Source Connect with some success. The down fall is bandwidth. If there is not enough bandwidth, you will get drop outs from time to time in your voice over session. I believe that once the bandwidth is opened up by the IPs, Source Connect will be a great option for voice talent and recording studios to save long distance charges and money since the plug-in is much cheaper than getting a codec and maintaining your isdn lines each month.

    Please leave your questions and I will check back from time to time and try and answer them as best I can.

    You can also e mail me at zak (at) if you please.

    Take care, have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Remember, buckle up, Johnny Law will be out in force!