Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary Google!

Google, no longer just "search engine" Google, is celebrating their 10th anniversary this week. Can you believe it's been 10 years? Can you believe what it was like BEFORE Google hit the web? Can you believe so many of us passed up buying Google stock at $80 a share? lol I did on that one. Thought they wouldn't be around long. OUCH!

What a massive player and global powerhouse they've become. They stuck with their dreams, focused on excellence and became much more than just successful. Their name even became a verb!

I wonder how so many of us would never be found without Google being on the web. A few years ago, after a technically savvy employee left us, we were absolutely lost in Google's results. We were ranking in the 800's or worse.

Through three years of effort we (SunSpots Productions) now show up at least in the Top 20 results in Google's search engine or mostly on their front page. For example search for "voice talent agent", "spanish voice talent", "creative audio production", "voice talent", "audio production", "asheville voice talent", "orlando voice talent" and there we are on the front page or number one out of millions of pages. It was all done while wearing a white hat too! (SEO peeps know what I mean.)

So thank you and congratulations Google! You've inspired and changed our world. I hope the next 10 are full of positive innovations and useful products for us all.

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