Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hey, Voiceover Talent, it's Horn Tootin' time!

So what have you been up to? Any spots you've done the voiceover for and you want to tell the world about it? (And you really can tell the world via the internet.)

We'd love to hear what you've been up to.

Have you starred in a play, had a film role, on-camera spot? Is that you on a radio campaign? Are you the voice on hold somewhere we all know? Is that you on doing a voiceover on the web? How about voicing at a theme park? You can tell the world right here. It doesn't matter where you've recorded it or when you did it.

Let's let the world know about you and your talents! So go ahead let's get out those horns and start tootin'. Who else better to tell the story of successes than you?



  1. Eddie Eagle narrates the TV season premiere of "Survival School" on MOJO HD Network.

    SURVIVAL SCHOOL Premieres Sept 9 2008 9PM EST on MOJO HD Network. Eddie Eagle narrates the new 10x30 military reality series "SURVIVAL SCHOOL" produced by Sirens Media
    The 10 episode series follows US Air Force Airmen as they go through the toughest survival training the military has to offer.

    And in recent work:

    The new 2008 season of "Drift Style" is now in production. I'm the Series Narrator for "Drift Style" a 7X30 HDTV Race Series.

    I'm also Web Series Narrator for The Spot Lab, ,a 15 webisode series following up and coming spot directors challenged to make a new demo reel in 3 months with their own money that will be presented and critiqued by major ad agencies.

    More work includes TV and Radio commercials, sizzle reels, web spots and more.

    Visit for my work, demos and 411.

  2. hey it's Rich bartholomew, Just did the Willie Nelson Bio for Bio and A&E networks.
    The Monkees Bio I narrated is nominated foe an Emmy Award.. Also doiung most of the Breathe Right national tv spots along with Golf Wraehouse cheers Rich

  3. LOL ok "Trash". Hey, that sounds like some great work you've done. We'll make sure to get our Mojo on and check it out. We'll look for your other voiceover work too. Eddie, thanks for the quick response and Happy Voicin'!
    SunSpots Productions

  4. Rich Bartholomew here, Just did the Bio for Willie Nelson on Bio and A&E Networks. My monkees Bio is up for an Emmy Award.these are both 1 hr narrations....not my usual 15 sec promos.. Also the campaigns for Golf Warehouse at Sunspots ,lots of fun and great shoes! and national Tv for Breath Right strips. all the best !

  5. Latin American TV programmers will be learning about three of what Fox Latin America's channels have in store for 2009 - Ultilisima, Fox Life and SciFi. The sessions were done (in English) in my home studio on a phone patch to Venezuela.

    Stop by a Kohl's and listen for me to tell you about how you can register to win a $1000 gift card.

    If the employee walkie talkie starts to talk while you are in Target, it is probably me.

    And if you need help at Lowe's just push the button and I'll call someone for you.

    Waiting for an eDetail on the diabetes drug Byetta to be posted online. I'll post the link when I get it.

    ISDN sessions recently for some IT business-to-business marketing for a major software company and their partners.

    Those are only a few of the things I can talk about.

    Connie Terwilliger

  6. Hi from Mike Shepherd! Busy enough recently with vo for Kelloggs, (Special-K, Morningstar Farms etc...) Nat'l radio/TV for WebEx/Sysco, Ford/Lincoln Mercury, Owens Corning and , "Attacking Anxiety" (i'm told-the world's longest-running infomercial!).

    Ongoing in-show/promo VO for OLN and VS. Networks series/promo production: In-Fisherman Productions, Post-Newsweek Television Stations

    Broadcast VO for: 7-11, Ford, Marathon Oil, Fed Ex Orange Bowl.

    Narrations for Discovery Channel, PBS docs, Recent Politicals for multiple candidates/campaigns- all media

    Past VO history includes numerous presidential broadcast campaigns - radio/TV and multimedia.

  7. DAVE COHEN is the new voice of the Minnesota State Lottery commercials debuting in October.
    He's got an on-camera speaking role as the bowler in the new Miracle Ear commercial and is featured on the website banner at Dave is the announcer on "Costas on the Radio" heard each week on XM and ClearChannel. Plus there are nightly sightings on cable in the movie "Glory Road" and "One Tree Hill". He also does e-learning narrations for Elsevier; numerous auto spots around the country; and continues as a voice of Grand Home Furnishings and Metro Mattress.

  8. DAVE COHEN is the new voice of the Minnesota State Lottery commercials debuting in October.
    He's got an on-camera speaking role as the bowler in the new Miracle Ear commercial and is featured on the website banner at Dave is the announcer on "Costas on the Radio" heard each week on XM and ClearChannel. Plus there are nightly sightings on cable in the movie "Glory Road" and "One Tree Hill". He also does e-learning narrations for Elsevier; numerous auto spots around the country; and continues as a voice of Grand Home Furnishings and Metro Mattress.

  9. What have I, a voice over talent, been up to? Why um, voice over, actually ;)

    New radio campaign for Southwest Dental Group and some radio imaging for Roo Radio are two projects that come to mind. There's an audio book in there somewhere, pretty busy week.

    Best always,
    - Peter

  10. I am currently taking a break from a more in depth pursuit of acting to afford my wife time to finish her degree in Business. I hope to be able to jump back in even more than before when she graduates (this December).

    In the mean time, I am anxiously awaiting the premier of "THE MAGISTICAL". ( It is an animated movie by Out of Our Mind Animation in Winston Salem, NC. I am playing an ineptly fiendish imp named Dis. The movie is going to be shown at a several upcoming film festivals, beginning with the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Birmingham, AL.

    Other than that, I am just enjoying life with my wife and kids.


  11. Larry Wayne was chosen as corporate image talent for international wind energy company VESTAS in Denmark. Larry graces the first page of their website. Click the movie at Larry also is doing some ads for Vestas running on CNN, and introing Vestas on Bloomberg Financial.

  12. Happy Monday!
    I have just done two nights of pitching for NC UNC-TV and raised over $100,000 for the public television network. Met some great people and worked hard!
    Just finished an IBM training video on camera and a V/O for a large chemical company.
    Hoping to find some books on tape work - anyone have ideas?
    Cheers! Julia

  13. Caryn Clark here.

    Been VERY busy!!

    Listen for me on Disney, Nick, and the like on Hannah Montana product commercials! I've done a total of six commercials... five of them in the past couple of weeks, so they'll be airing soon.

    Also, I've recently recorded commercials for Neopets and Water Babies... also on the kids' channels.

    Lots of community college spots, phone messaging for stores like The Gap and liposculpture centers, promos for local television education channels... all good stuff!

    Thanks for asking!

  14. Ok, this is a first. I auditioned for a computer character and the client took the audition. No session, no ISDN, no scheduling. Can I clone that client? Is that possible?

    Let's see, tons of narration projects, on hold messaging for a church in St Louis, and I was the voice for a tax tutorial video. Talk about some fun and crazy lines!

    Jon Ruhff
    Semi Pro VO Guy

  15. Hi Sunspots ... You guys are great!
    Dyana Daniels here.
    Still voicing for Clemson University ... 8 years now.
    YOUR DAY is a 'Radio Magazine' heard Statewide in South Carolina as a public service of Clemson,
    Plus I'm still voicing for GA Cancer and their
    message on hold in all 31 offices around Georgia
    and the message on hold for Goodfellow Air Force
    Something different everyday , isn't it wonderful.
    Enjoy the day and happy voicing!


  16. Had a cork-popping day yesterday. Not only did I learn that I will have three movies premiere in (small speaking roles), but a publisher has bought my second book of fiction, ASHES TO WATER!

    I am the voice of Richmond's city buses, and can hear myself barking out announcements every time the doors swing open. "Next stop, Belfry and Bonkers."

    Recent voiceover projects include a book trailer at, and tons of stuff for Televigation, the GPS service bundled into certain mobile phones. (It would seem I like to tell people where to go.)

    I'm also a Guest Artist in Residence at the University of Richmond. I teach Basics of Acting and will appear soon in THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH.

    Oh yeah, and my sister's house in Galveston survived Ike! Halleluiah!


  17. Danielle Seadia is a five time awardwinner for her voiceover work heard nationwide. She maintains a private voiceover coaching and training practice.

  18. ¡Hola a todos ! Soy Mario Mora, Locutor, Productor y Traductor con énfasis en idioma Español.
    I appreciate this opportunity to share with my collegues what I’ve doing recently in terms of voiceovers. ¡Dichosamente, los clientes necesitan convertir sus materiales al idioma Español!
    A couple of weeks ago I finished an extensive two-part avionics training program for Baines Simmons Americas; just before that, I finished two four-part trainings in Spanish and in Italian for Fosber, a European equipment manufacturer. I also put together several TV ads (with the help of a British female VO talent) for an English communications company. My friend Jayita, from India, asked me to translate and voice the Spanish version of a documentary for a new product from the Aerobin company. I was lucky enough to be selected as the coordinator (and also participate as a VO talent) for dubbing into Spanish a ten chapter series of a TV program by the name of “Stop Look and Listen”, which deals with hearing impaired issues, as well as a number of documentaries for charity organizations that work mainly in the Florida (USA) area.
    Recently my voice was heard over the airwaves in US Television (Colorado) , by means of a short promo I did for KJCT Grand Junction. A translation company based in Ireland came to me again about three weeks ago for a new series of sales training programs for Symantec software.
    Dominican Republic requested my services last week for a corporate video for the Metro Group, and in the local level, I’ve been doing various commercials, for instance, for Taco Bell, hosted a flokloric show at Melico Salazar Theater, translated most of the contens of the first two issues of “Bluff Magazine” and did IVR’s for the local chapters of SCA and Hologic, as well as for a few other local enterprises, and a web training for Merck Sharp and Dohme.
    Those are some of the things I’ve been doing in the last couple of weeks. As I’m writing this, I realize that, thanks God, my clients are keeping me busy!
    Gracias, seguiré leyendo las colaboraciones de los colegas que quieran compartir sus experiencias.

    Mario Mora, Costa Rica

  19. Hey everybody!

    Sunspots and other places are keeping me busy (I am very lucky!)
    Some recent clients are Tweeter/Sound Advice, Gormiti (animation), Florida Lottery, American Debt Alliance, Buckeye Cable System, various car dealers across the fruited plain, and Michigan Athletic Club. Here's to a busy fall/winter! Cheers! -CJ

  20. If you are in California, keep your ears and eyes out for a couple of animated Amtrak California TV spots. Cool music, great animation and my tag at the end. I'm also the voice of a woman meditating about better cable service, which Time Warner can deliver.

    And you can hear two radio spots for Palomar Pomerado Health that are currently airing Southern CA.

    The cool thing about all of these gigs was that they were in studios other than my own. Real face-to-face interaction - in one case - face-to-purring-cat interaction.

    In order of preference - well, it is sort of a toss up between going to a studio and using my ISDN studio. If the outside studio is within an easy commute (the last gig was two blocks away from my studio - took my bike), then send me to the studio. If it means carving out a half a day to get to the studio, then I'd rather do ISDN - unless the fee helps cover the sting of driving. Self-directed reads are next. Phone Patch is last on the list - have to perform as talent AND perform as the engineer - while someone is listening.

    But it's all good, isn't it!

  21. Recent Horn Toot:
    Warner Brothers Studios VIP Tour Promo Video.

    National radio book promo for The 7th Victim by best selling author Alan Jacobson on Vanguard/Perseus Books.

    Great reviews on the recent military reality doc TV series premiere of Survival School on MOJO HD Network. Written up in the Air Force Times and

  22. Another horn tOOt
    Eddie Eagle recorded a radio spot for Cartier and Tourneau that will run soon in the NYC market. A big spot for me as legendary Don Morrow (the other movie trailer Don also responsible for "In a World") is on the spot as the announcer and sets me up (How cool is that?) as the hero storyteller for Cartier.

  23. Connie Terwilliger just finished a run of "Relatively Speaking" at PowPAC in Poway, CA where she was able to polish her British Accent. The final two weekends saw sold-out houses.

    A regular live announce gig took her to Newport Beach for three days at the very new and very posh Pelican Hill Resort. While there, she was able to record and send voice files for some of her regular clients using a portable mic booth and her lovely directional AKG3000C.

    Up next on the boards - a staged reading of the Vagina Monologues at an Italian Restaurant in Chula Vista CA.

    While her regular work for Ring Tales New Yorker Cartoons is on hold due to the economy, she was recently cast as Miss Bliss, the teacher in the new Cul De Sac animated strip.

    She recently completed tracks for Microsoft, IBM and Mitsubishi.