Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fresh New Voiceover Talent Added to SunSpots Site

We've added some new voiceover talent to SunSpots "Fresh New Voices" section on the home page of our web site. We've got a nice mix of kids and adults. Our new list of talent includes English and Spanish voiceover professionals.

  • Paulina Chavez: A little sass and attitude from a young teen/tween English female voice talent.

  • Michele Feren: Michele has a crisp, clean sound with a big smile in a late teen, 20's and 30's age range.

  • Cayla Jackson: African/American voice talent Cayla's got the snap and attitude that brings a smile. Her voiceover range is tween/young teen female.

  • Roger Leopardi: Authentic, edgy, real and with a 20's-30's vocal age range. There's a cool rasp to Roger's voice.

  • Allison Malena: Spanish female voice talent with a clean, tight announcer sound in the 30's-40's vocal age range.

  • Bruce Miles: A distinct voiceover talent in the 40's and above vocal age range. Bruce has a little rasp and a lot of power and versatility with his reads. A strong medical narrator.

  • Duke Morgan: A veteran voiceover announcer with power, versatility in the 40's-50's vocal age range.

  • Rashanee Remy: African/American voice talent with an engaging sound in the younger teen vocal range.

  • Rick Robertson: Lots of excitement with a "real" vibe, honest, versatile voiceover actor in the 20's-30's range.

  • Kyle Speller: African-American male voice talent from smooth to real person. A great range in the 30's-40's vocal age.

You can find and schedule voiceover talent online at SunSpots web site with our exclusive voice talent search engine, ezCast.

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