Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Office Music today at SunSpots studios in Florida

I was twittering and blipping earlier today and thought I'd share on here what I've been listening to at the office between being berated by Bryan about the newsletter, talking photography with Tera and having lunch with Zak.

In no particular order:

The Rough Guide to Highlife-Music from west Africa
Primarily music from Ghana and Nigeria. Some intricate guitar work and funkiness.

Ray Charles-Night Time is The Right Time
Remember this one from an episode of the Cosby Show when the ladies of the family performed it for the grandparents.

Johnny Cash-Why Me Lord

Lyle Lovett-That's Right You're Not From Texas

Norah Jones-Shoot The Moon from her Come Away With Me CD

Steely Dan-Blues Beach from their Everything Must Go CD
(I'm such a Steely Dan fan I have every CD of the band plus Donald Fagen and Walter Becker's solo work on my ipod.)

Hot Fun in the Summertime-Sly and the Family Stone

Foggy Mountain Gospel-Flatt and Scruggs
I grew up with a bluegrass pickin' and preachin' grand daddy from eastern Tennessee. It's in my blood. Lester Flatt's voice is comforting and sweet as he sings about "a place called Heaven".

Jack Johnson-Dreams Be Dreams from his On and On CD

King Tubby-Essential Dub
It's not a work day without my Tubby!

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman-Shady Grove
Some good old timey music with Jerry and David singing and playing.

Time to get back to work. That's just a sample of what I've been listening to at work today. How about you? What's on your playlist? What music helps you through your day?

Think Positive and/or Pray for Recovery


  1. As I recall, last time I was found twittering and blipping they tied me down and gave me medication. But then again, there was no internet in 1979! I wasn't sick, just a kid ahead of his time.
    Seriously, though, that's a great list. Either you play guitar, or you are a serious aficionado. I'm a Steely Dan fan also, have everything but the Becker solo work.
    Keep up the good work, and keep doing it to good music!

  2. Hi Eric lol...that did sound a little strange eh? All that blipping and twittering throughout the work day. I do play the guitar, but more in the acoustic, bluegrass, country style. I'm a major fan of Becker and Fagen and have seen SD 5 times in one summer as they traveled across the country. A great venue is Red Rocks in Colorado. It's extraordinary! Thanks for stopping by!