Friday, March 27, 2009

Voiceover Talent Survival in Tough Times

How's the voiceover business going for you? Ad spending has dropped which means we voice talent are not working as much. From blogs, twitter and facebook I've read that many talent are keeping busy doing voice work and also doing many auditions, but how much those gigs are paying is a different story. How about you? How are you coping with the general economic slowdown? Have you had to lower your rates to compete with some of the "dollar a hollar" people on the web? What strategies have you taken to ensure your success? Are you marketing yourself more or less? Have you had to take a second job?

My thoughts are pretty old school...advertise (self-promote) more. Now's the time to refresh your demo or even redo your demo entirely. You can spend time finding new job opportunities online. Find a new agent. (By the way, SunSpots clients are always looking for new professional voice talent. If you have your own ISDN studio, Source Connect and/or live near our studios near Asheville or Orlando please contact us.) Do everything you can to make yourself better and keep your skills honed. Also, listen to the work that you hear on the air now. Has it changed? Are styles changing. Is there some thing about it that you can make your own?

We can all take small comfort in that if we're slow now we're not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people are also seeing a slow down or even worse. If you're not, thank the tiny voice gods of your choosing and be grateful for what comes your way.

The true bottom line is that we're all so lucky to be doing voiceovers for a living. Most of us had other jobs prior to becoming full-time voice actors and this is a good time to reflect on just how lucky we are. This voiceover business has been a blessing to me and I'm certain it has been to you too no matter your level of success. These slower times have reminded me of how lucky I've been and how each session is special.

I hope you make today a productive one and have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!

Thomas "Cassidy" Rohe
SunSpots Productions Voice Talent & Creative Audio Production


  1. I actually spoke with two talent this week about the slow down. I encouraged them to keep a positive attitude and to not take it personally. One said that she was definitely needing to get another job. We brainstormed and I think she is going to start teaching Acting Classes. So if you know anyone in Buncombe or Henderson County, NC who needs acting lessons, please contact me here: and I will pass along the information.

  2. Here's your contact link: Hope that helps the cause. Thanks for the note! Things are getting better all the time.

  3. Here in Hollywood the slowdown in the economy means a LOT of out of work actors. The yard sales, moving vans and FOR RENT signs everywhere are constant reminders that so many have had to put their dreams on hold. My clients are all over America thanks to phone patches, and Source Connect. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am Tom.

  4. Thomas, thanks for the insightful post. The VO community is strong, and we can help support each other through these stressful times.

    Perhaps others can suggest things they're doing to continue personal/professional growth that don't cost too much. Personally, I'm watching acting videos from Netflix. I can recommend Uta Hagan's DVD! Any other ideas?