Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why should you use Twitter? Here's 5 good reasons to get Tweeting.

I think it was after I heard that a young man saved himself from a stay at an Egyptian jail using Twitter that I began to think about how we could use Twitter at SunSpots. One of the things that I love about the web is developing relationships with friends and potential clients and voice talent and enhancing those existing relationships with Twitter updates or Tweets. Since joining I've posted hundreds of tweets and have a few hundred followers ranging from artists, advertising execs, fellow online marketers, old friends and others. The electronic village is making our world smaller and more intimate in a very good way.

Why should you use Twitter? There are many reasons to do so and these are just a few:

  1. Increase your web presence. Twitter offers you the opportunity to have your brand/company/message out there with no cost involved. I've seen Tweets (the Twitter messages) show up in Google search results. Proving that it helps your seo efforts.

  2. Keep in contact with your clients and vendors. Emails are becoming less a marketing tool as social media kicks in. Let everyone know your business in a very concise manner!

  3. Announce company news and sales events or special pricing and discounts for you and/or your client.

  4. Quick review of products and services. An example, "We found a great new microphone that we use in our voiceover booths...".

  5. Share news about your community and yourself. Here's the "social" of social marketing in action. We're able to post what's new in our lives and our community with informal posts. These types of posts help others see who we are, innovative and creative, rather than just what we offer, voice talent and creative audio production. Be careful, it's easy to become a Tweet Addict.

We'd love to hear what's new in your world. Follow the entire SunSpots staff on Twitter:
Bryan engineering/web & graphics design at SunSpots NC
Deb booking sessions at SunSpots FL
Janet managing/accounting in SunSpots NC
Jay engineering/producing/voice talent at SunSpots NC
Jen scheduling sessions at SunSpots FL
Marty running the day at SunSpots FL
Tera engineering/producing/scheduling at SunSpots FL
Tom voice talent/web marketing/traveling back and forth to SunSpots FL & NC
Xavier engineer/producer/spanish coordinator/English & Spanish voice talent at SunSpots FL
Zak engineer/producer/voice talent & managing SunSpots FL

To keep your audience interested make sure that your tweets are more than just commercial announcements. I try to insert information about what I'm doing, festival or concert announcements, news specific to our studio locations near Asheville and Orlando, news announcements and so on. Those that use Twitter for just "we have such and such on sale" will eventually lose their followers. Like any good web site, it's all about content and not just, "HEY! BUY SOMETHING FROM US!". Use to shrink your lengthy web addresses so that they fit easily into the 140 character Twitter format.

We hope to follow your Tweets soon.

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