Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Man of a Thousand Voices Fred Travalena

If you're old enough to remember watching Johnny Carsonat night or Merv Griffin on tv in the afternoon, you remember watching Fred Travalena.

He was always fun to watch and the definition of a true voiceover talent. I loved impressionists like him and guys like Frank Gorshin. Fred was all over TV in the 70's and 80's with his own specials and popping up on other's shows too.
Here's a clip of him on the Donnie and Marie show from 1977:

Another clip from the latest version of the Donnie and Marie show in 1999. In this clip Fred tells them how he does looping and how he replaced Deniro and Pesci in Casino.

Here's Fred Travalena on Letterman during Impressionist Week:

And one more of Fred appearing on Merv Griffin's show:

Fred was born in 'da Bronx and died after fighting cancer for many years. He was 66 years old. Fred Travalena's website.

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