Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Affordable Protools software and Mbox 2 Mini for Voice Talent

A fellow voice talent was asking what I thought was good software and recording interface for doing voiceovers. She's also a singer and guitar player. We use the pro versions of Protools at SunSpots Productions studios in Asheville and Orlando. This is sort of the "home game" version of that software. I use this same Mbox 2 mini when I travel and just create a quiet space in a hotel and plug my Neumann U-87 in to it and away the voicin' goes.


  1. Software's making the talents Lazy.. LOL.. But it helps to provide the quality work.

  2. How is the Protools software making the voiceover talent lazy? Should they go back to using tape and make edits in their recording sessions with a razor blade?