Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Asheville Addy Awards This Saturday

Asheville Ad Federation

Asheville's chapter of the American Advertising Federation is holding their annual awards ceremony this coming Saturday.

From their website:

Advertising's answer to the Oscars, the ADDYs is a party not to be missed. See all types of ad creativity revealed in all its glory (e.g., ad campaign, direct marketing, sales promotion, newspaper, television, mixed media, and more.) Guaranteed to be raucous and wild, come see amazing feats of our ad community's best talent at The Venue in downtown Asheville!

No mention of radio? Say it ain't so! I'm sure someone's submitted some creative radio spots. If not, well...come talk to us. SunSpots produces Addy Award winners for markets all over the country.

We wish all the agencies the best of luck!

Asheville Addy Awards Tickets

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  1. Thanks for the shout out you guys. I was posting this like crazy to promote the ADDYs when Tim told me it was sold out. Going to be a good old time tomorrow night.

    Oh and I want to see you guys in our new directory ->

    Take care,
    Ty - AAF Board and owner of TopFloorStudio