Monday, October 14, 2013

Voiceover world is rocking with SunSpots changes

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We've got many irons in the fire, things in the works, monkeys with wrenches (good lil monkeys with tiny wrenches) and many changes coming to SunSpots Productions in the coming weeks. We'd like you to be a part of it all whether you're a voice talent, agency creative or voiceover and advertising fan. 

Speaking of that a new logo below that keeps popping up around the web and Faffcon? Yessssssss it just might be. See, changes happening right before your eyes! Bazinga!

Just enter your info in the form below and hit "Sign Up" so you can keep up with new voiceover talent who've joined our roster of pro voice actors, talent news, ad industry updates and more.
Items with check marks are required, the others, it'd be nice if you did input that data, so we can see where on this big blue marble you're located. You can always opt out easily and of course, your email address will never be sold or used for diabolical purposes. 

Thanks, talk to you soon!
Jefe de Webby
SunSpots Productions

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