Monday, January 13, 2014

They're Alive!! (The Voice Talent that is...)

You Want Your Voiceover Now

Say you're a creative director at an ad agency and you've got some broadcast audio to produce. As usual, you're on a tight deadline. The client wants it right away and your boss wants it even sooner and...everyone wants it done cheaply.

You look online and find the talent you want either directly or through some service. You want to direct the session live and get the audio immediately. Well... "I offer 24 hour service", says one talent. Another says, "I can hook up via Skype and we can see each other, then I record and you listen. Then I'll edit some files together and send those to you in a few hours...if my internet is stable."

You know where this is going, don't you?

The SunSpots Difference

What SunSpots Productions offers is immediate, high quality audio interaction between you and the voiceover talent and supervision and recording by professional audio engineers. Want to hear take 4's intro married to the end of take 9? Done. Need to choose music and sound effects during the session? Done. 

Our thing, if you will, our reason for being, is to provide you with the most professional creative audio experience you'll find in real time and affordably. Wherever you are, we can connect. We can conference call to bring your other creatives and client (if you dare) in to the session too.

Will you save money elsewhere? Yes, you will save money initially. Will you get the product you want? If you need it fully produced today with multiple regional tags and multiple voice talent performing...probably not. And you'll be throwing good money after bad as you recast or regroup or reevaluate that creative director position you fought so hard for.

I Want it Cheap!

(Hey I wanna be thin...)
Quality doesn't come cheap. Neither does it have to cost a fortune. When you're working with a team like SunSpots you know you've hired the right voices and right producers at the right price, to make your product sing or talk or giggle or do whatever it's been written to do. 

SunSpots Productions Voice Talent Noah Schnacky
Noah Schnacky, a real, live talent in session.
Think about that.

Real time direction. You are interacting one on one. 
Multiple talent available in real time from almost anywhere in the World. 
Music customized for your specific project.
Sound effects of all kinds, even the ones that sound like...well you know...
And turnaround? C'mon. Depending on the project it could be back to you within the same hour that we recorded your voice talent. 
Yes, our audio engineers are just that damn good.

We've been working with clients and talent live, in real-time sessions for nearly 20 years. With a hundred thousand recordings under our digital belt.

Call us at 800-355-SPOTS(7768) so we can start some creative audio fun, all in real time, right now.

To Happy Sessions!

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