Monday, January 1, 2007

Exciting, New "Welcome to the Blog" Welcome Message.

Happy New Year!

So it's time for SunSpots to join the world of bloggers. Sure wish there was a different word for it. Blogging sounds like a Scottish mud fight.

Our plan for this blog is to keep you informed about our heroic, multi-talented SunSpots staff, our recording sessions, helpful tips for voice over talent and ad agency news and of course rants and raves.

If you have any suggestions as to what heaping piles of wisdom we should insert here please let me know at: Tom[at symbol]

If you've not been the main page of our web site please visit this link: . You can listen to demos, book talent online and request our voice talent and audio production demo cd too.

I'll be placing some info for new voice talent on soon. Seems to be a very popular subject. Every day we get requests from people wanting to be voice over talent and asking for advice on creating a voice demo, how to market themselves and especially how to create an affordable home studio or voice booth. We'll have our resident ISDN expert and SunSpots Producer/Engineer Zak advise on that issue.

We'll also be creating podcasts of our voice talent instruction with interviews and advice in the coming weeks. My belief in advising talent is, as the late James Brown said, "Just keep it real baby". So I'll be talking about staying away from topics that seem to mostly apply to those voicing in New York and LA. Let's talk about what it's like to work every day around the country doing good ole medical, narrations/industrials and such. It's a small crowd that voices national animation, national SAG and AFTRA gigs and movie trailers. What I want to discuss is the business of voice work. The day to day business of voice work, not something that may occur rarely. Let's talk about being voice artists and running your voiceover career as a business at the same time.

Nice to meet you.

We'll talk again soon.