Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New! Voiceover Talent Resource Page Added

In partnership with Amazon.com, SunSpots now has an incredible selection of books, videos, computers, software and more for the professional or soon to be professional voice talent. Want to get some books on voice training? How to do voiceovers? How to be a successful voice talent? We've now got all the answers on our site through Amazon's discounted services. Here's the link for it: http://www.sunspotsproductions.com/voiceover_resources.cfm

Some of our favorites are Protools LE software with the MBOX, Sony MDR7650 headphones, ALL the Apple laptops (yep we sell those through the site too!) and lots of the voiceover books.

The page is called "Books, DVDs, Computers, Software and Gear for the Voiceover Professional". It almost flows off the tongue. Well...almost.

Keep checking out the SunSpots Productions web site as we're adding new content to it every week.

Remember to keep us posted with your successes and we'll post them on the web for you!


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