Saturday, February 23, 2008

Congratulations to Zak for 10 years and 7,000 sessions!

Zak Miller, our Studio Manager at SunSpots Orlando studios, just celebrated two milestones with us. He's celebrating his 10th anniversary at SunSpots and he just completed his 7,000th session behind the console. WOW! We can hardly believe it's been 10 years already. I remember sitting on the floor at SunSpots when we had just one studio going in Florida and dreaming about what things would be like a few years from then. We couldn't believe then that we'd become a global leader in our industry. It's been Zak's hard work and extraordinary dedication that has helped us achieve that goal. I can't thank him enough for being there during those late nights, weekend sessions and doing what he does every day to separate us from the herd. You can read more about Zak here. By the way, 7,000 sessions equates to 12 to 15,000 spots he's recorded at SunSpots. We're not kidding when we say we do "professional audio production".

And let's not forget Zak is a professional voice talent too! Listen to Zak Miller's voiceover talent demo.

If you'd like to schedule Zak to do your audio production or to voice a spot or two for you please call us at 800-355-7768 or you can book your entire session the web way by using our voiceover session scheduling page.

Congrats amigo! Also, thanks to Jay Patrick, SunSpots very first engineer, for hearing Zak's production work on the radio in Orlando and saying..."Hey, this guy's got it! He's really good." Yep, we think he is and so are you Jay! (Jay's been with us since the very start when we were simply "The Cassidy Company" and we'll talk more about him soon.)


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