Monday, May 19, 2008

Yes Virginia, SunSpots Productions produces Creative Audio Productions!

We were having a staff meeting at SunSpots Orlando recording studios last week and there was one of those moments where the conversation stopped and after a long pause I said in disbelief, "HUH? Really?!".

What stopped the conversation and what stunned me is that someone was speaking with one of our clients and they had told them, "Oh, I didn't know SunSpots did audio production. I thought you guys just provided voiceover talent."

Que? Say what?

We were all a little flabbergasted (there's a word you don't hear too often or enough I say!). It was shocking to hear this because SunSpots has won awards with our audio production for clients all over the country for over a decade now. We've been creating award winning audio production since we were cutting tape with a razor blade. The company was built upon skillfully produced, creative audio production.

So, I guess it's time to climb to the top of this electronic mountain and shout it out to all the world...SUNSPOTS PRODUCTIONS DOES KICKASS AUDIO PRODUCTION!

You can listen to our Audio Production Sampler by clicking this link to our Audio Production Sampler. You'll hear Kim Sanders (have you seen Kim on WKMG-TV Orlando in the morning?), Tom Cassidy, Bill Thomas, Lindsay Ayliffe, Sam Mercurio (You should hear his Burgess Meredith imitation!), Zak Miller, (Yep, that's SunSpots Audio Engineer Zak.), Diego Diment, Jonathan Hanst, Jen Stevens (That's our talent coordinator and booker, Jen Stevens in a bit part.), Austin Howard, Angel TolentinoBobby Jaymes, Jaz Adams, and others.

Remember, SunSpots is a Voice Talent Agency AND a creative Audio Production Studio with locations near Orlando, Florida and Asheville, NC. We do both and we do it well.


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