Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

Hearing of George Carlin's passing has been like a death in the family. I remember as a kid in the the late 60's always catching Carlin on whatever 3 channels were broadcasting him. He and Richard Pryor were my favorites to watch. Maybe I didn't understand exactly what he meant at the time, but I knew the authority's noses were being tweaked. George's edge got even sharper once he let his hair down and spoke from his heart about the war and 60's/70's American popular culture. 

My sense of humor today, what I think is funny, my views on authority and social hypocrisy came from watching George Carlin perform during the past 30 years. He didn't get older, he seasoned. I saw him here at Asheville's Thomas Wolfe auditorium a few years ago and he was spot on with his social commentary. 

The mention of George on our SunSpots blog is because his sense of humor shaped who many of us of a certain age are today. I know that we've produced comedic spots with his "vibe" inside or done voiceovers in his comedic announcer style. Older folks might say it was Lenny Bruce who was brave enough to poke the establishment in the eye, but I'm dealing with what I know.

He's left quite a void. Much like Tim Russert has in the news world.

Maybe Tim and George will meet up in the great beyond and have a very excellent political discussion.

I guess it's time go eat some Jumbo Shrimp and always...find a place for my stuff.


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