Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SunSpots FL closed for Fay update.

This morning we decided to shutter the studios in Florida as Tropical Storm Fay passes nearby. Zak and Xavier were troopers this morning and came in a for a couple short sessions. The brunt of the storm is passing by this afternoon so they left in time. Currently at 2:27pm local time, Orlando is reporting light rain and light winds around 20 mph. Just like any other summer afternoon storm so far.

We were concerned that even though the storm isn't nearly as powerful as predicted it would still be wise to shut the doors in FL today. 

Here's a pretty good storm tracking map from WFTV in Orlando: http://www.wftv.com/weather/17203205/detail.html

Thankfully, our studios near Asheville are fully staffed and we're running all the sessions out of there today. All sessions are still happening like normal, though Janet and Suzanne are flying around taking care of bookings and contacting voice talent with new numbers for the ISDN dialups. It's been a very busy!

We do hope that the storm heads safely north. We're experiencing a severe drought in western North Carolina. Wells are running dry, some towns are running out, rivers at 100 year lows, it's terrible and we need a dose of rain soon. 

More updates as the storm progresses. 

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