Thursday, July 24, 2008

SunSpots Voice Talent Heard Voicing Controversial Ad In Berlin

Watching CNN this morning I heard a report about Obama's visit to Europe. In the story the anchor mentioned a radio ad by the RNC that is airing in Berlin. That's Berlin cities and towns in the USA. Here's the radio ad. Here's a story about the radio commercial in the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch section online. It even contains the script with a fact check at the end of the story. Here's the story from Reuters online. This story is about the ad and the information in it from CBS News online.

You may disagree or agree with the message but I agree that the voice talent is powerful and strong and perfect for the political arena. That voice talent is our longtime voiceover friend and SunSpots pioneer Bill Thomas! Bill was one of the first 3 talents to work with SunSpots when we began making creative audio and supplying voice talent years ago. He's got a helluva voice! (I only WISH I had the depth and power of delivery that he does.) Listen to Bill Thomas at SunSpots' EZcast voice talent search engine

So when you hear that spot on the news tonight you'll know who it is stirring up stories in Europe and Berlins throughout America. Or maybe you're reading this in Deutschland and will hear the spot there. If so, perhaps Obama will turn to the cameras and say, "Ich bin ein SunSpotter!". 

You sound great Bill!

What do you think of the RNC running ads tying in to Berlin by airing them in Berlin, USA? What do you think about Bill Thomas' voiceover for it? I think he sounds powerful and persuasive. I'll leave my politics out of it and just say Bill's voice sounds great! lol

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I think Bill's voice sounds great. Although the audio is a bit distorted. Sounds like the republicans should have recorded it at SunSpots Productions

  2. I think Bill sounds great. He has a very powerful voice which grabs the listeners attention and he is always a pleasure to work with. Rock On Bill.

    Tera Parks

  3. Hi Bryan and Tera-
    Thanks for your post. Maybe the audio quality is a little funky since it's from a Youtube video? I don't know which studio produced it and haven't heard the original audio so I can't comment on its quality.

    Naturally, I think independents, republicans and democrats alike should have their audio production done at SunSpots.

    Thanks for the note.