Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Multi-Talented Scheduler & Audio Engineer Deb Munini gets profiled at Full Sail

SunSpots talent scheduler and audio engineer is a graduate of Full Sail University in Orlando. They profiled her this year and asked her about her experience when she ran audio at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Picture and story is from Full Sail's web site: http://www.fullsail.com/news/15990-event-audio-for-the-democratic-national-convention-deb-munini.html?section=ra

SunSpots Deb Munini takes the stage during setup at the DNC

Deb Munini takes the stage during setup at the DNC

Audio is an integral part of nearly every kind of production. Whether it’s a commercial, live broadcast, film, or television program, good sound has the ability to grab listeners and transport them from their homes, making them feel as though they are right there on location.

Deb Munini feels this effect just like everyone else, but with one key difference – sound literally transports her around the country. As a freelance audio engineer, the Full Sail Recording Arts graduate has covered an assortment of huge events, including eight Super Bowls, TNA Wrestling, and this year’s Democratic National Convention in Denver.

“The DNC was really interesting,” she says of her two-week stay in Denver. “It was very cool to be involved and see the whole process of the event. It was also very odd to me to see how people treat these politicians like they’re celebrities. I’m so used to going to rock shows and working with those kinds of celebs, so it was an unusual experience to see that kind of attention put on politicians.

“During certain speeches, the atmosphere was just electric,” Deb adds. “Everyone was just so enthralled during Hilary Clinton’s speech, and of course during Obama’s speech, as well. It was very exciting and energetic. And of course, a lot of setting up had to be done. Miles and miles of cable that always seems to come out a lot faster than it goes in.”

Along with her freelance endeavors, Deb is also an audio engineer and scheduler at SunSpots Productions in Orlando, Florida. The studio records voiceovers for radio and TV commercials, documentaries, audiobooks, and anything else that may need a voice and also functions as a licensed voice talent agency.

“My days at SunSpots definitely vary because it all depends on what a client needs done,” Deb explains. “Sessions can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours depending on how many talent are involved and if it’s being produced here or if it’s being produced at another studio and we are just recording a backup of the session. We have some voiceover talent that come in-house, but a lot of them work remotely from all corners of the world and we connect with them through ISDN [a high-speed telephone network system that allows the digital transfer of voice and data].”

According to Deb, the wide availability of such remote technology is something of a double-edged sword. “I think it’s opened up a lot of competition for studios like us,” she says. “But it’s also a good thing because it’s made it easier for us to access a variety of talent across the country.”

While balancing the studio gig and her own freelance work can be a tricky task at times, Deb says that it also allows for the best of both worlds. “SunSpots has been great in allowing me to continue to do freelance work, and it’s because of that freedom that I am able to come back with added experience that I can contribute to them,” she says. “I definitely apply what I’ve learned on other jobs to any problems or situations that we come across in the studio. It keeps things exciting. Instead of doing the same thing over and over, I can look forward to going out and working with other people at different times and learning new things out in the field.”

Thanks to Full Sail for the use of the story and image.

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