Monday, February 23, 2009

Ben Stiller does Joaquin Phoenix at Oscars

Did you seen Joaquin Phoenix when he appeared on David Letterman last week? If not check this video from the Letterman show:

Then compare it to Ben Stiller doing his version of Joaquin Phoenix at the 81st Annual Academy Awards ceremony.

I thought that was one of the more entertaining parts of the Oscar ceremony.

So, was Joaquin pranking Letterman that night or do you think he's got problems? I think he was putting Dave on. You can just catch a glimpse of a smile every few minutes. You never know though. Personally I've always liked the concept of "street" theater of taking what is supposed to be normal reality and breaking it down and twisting it around.

I had a chance to do some of that many years ago in Asheville with the Blue Plate Special theater troupe.

More to come. It's going to be a most excellent week.

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