Monday, February 23, 2009

Voice Talent and Mentor Connie Zimet needs our help

From the Voiceover Times:

Connie Zimet, a well-known voice over coach and mentor based in Florida, is in the late stage of ALS, battling now not only for her life but the very ability to communicate with her son and those whom she loves.
There is hope for Connie to regain her ability to communicate, but she needs the support of the voice over community to realize that vital goal, with donations being accepted to offset costs for the purchase of special equipment that will allow her to communicate with her eyes using the aid of a computer.
Robbed of her voice, mobility and requiring care around the clock, it may seem as though Connie Zimet hasn’t much hope, however, we have learned that there is a special machine that she can use to communicate with using her eyes that would enable Connie to use her “voice” again, albeit in another way.
Connie has been struggling now with this disease for a long time, but it had not interfered directly with her ability to communicate until the passed year.
Her last email communication to friends sent on June 8, 2008, dictated to a friend, explained why she hadn’t been in touch and acknowledged her illness, sharing in this excerpt:
“Please know that I think about and care about you—more than you know. And now I am asking for your prayers. Those will mean more than anything at this time. I am determined to create a miracle here and those prayers will be of tremendous help. Thanks for understanding. With love always, Connie”
This eye recognition device will be of great benefit to Connie, however, the device doesn’t come cheap.
Donations are being accepted to the Connie Zimet Medical Fund, no matter how small, to help offset the escalating costs of Connie’s medical needs and care.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Pam Lipschitz or Zach Ziskin (Connie’s son) via email or by phone. Connie’s address is 827 NW 79th Terrace, Plantation, FL 33324, and also has a PayPal account at
Pam Lipschitz
Zach’s info:

Thanks to Steph at voicescom for alerting us to Connie's situation.
Our prayers, positive thoughts and good wishes are with Connie and her family.

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