Monday, April 13, 2009

What do you do for fun?

What's this? Jay (that's SunSpots founding audio engineer and voice talent Jay Patrick) and I were emailing this morning talking about what we did this past weekend. I started thinking why don't we post up some non-work related stuff on the blog. Figured it's a great way for you to get to know who we are and you can add your comments too and let us know about yourselves. What do you do when not writing scripts, voicing commercials, directing voice talent, producing industrials, etc.? How about it? What's new with you?


  1. Wow - what a month! March and part of April have been incredibly action packed
    for me!  It started off on the first weekend of April with a weekend of Wood
    Badge training.  For those not familiar, Wood
    is a Boy Scout adult
    leader training course that spans 18 months.  The first part of the training
    is a six day seminar - broken up over two weekends. After my first Wood Badge
    weekend, I was off to Lake
    Jackson, Texas
    for a week to visit Mom & Dad and to help them around
    the house.  As soon as I got back from that trip, I was in for a weekend of pie
    in the face goodness.  Yes, pies in the face of Scoutmasters.  I'm an Assistant
    Scoutmaster for my son Andy's troop (Troop
    73, Arden, NC
    ), and last fall we made a deal with the boys in the
    troop.  For every $100 dollars of popcorn that a boy sold in our fundraiser,
    they'd get one pie to the face of the Scoutmaster of their choice.  1 day, 3
    Scoutmasters, 16 pies.  MMM mmmmm!  It was an event that the boys will remember
    for a long time I think - and hopefully, will boost popcorn sales next year!
    I rounded off the month with my second Wood Badge weekend - 3 days that culminated
    with a backwoods overnight trip.  Now my Wood Badge work really begins, as I
    have 18 months to complete a set of goals that will improve my troop, called
    a "Ticket".  I'm excited about what I learned at the training and, after a week
    to recuperate, am ready to jump back into action here at SunSpots!  We've got
    a lot going on this Spring, complete with new
    talent & new demos
    !  If I can help you in any way, just shoot me
    a line and we'll take care of you! Here's to a great month ahead!  - Jay Patrick
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  2. Well gee Tom since you're asking... lol
    A nice thing about where SunSpots Florida studios are located is that we're just a couple miles from the Winter Garden branch of the Orange County Public Library. Even better, the library is adjacent to the West Orange Trail bike trail. So Friday after work, I drove over to the library and got the bike out. I rode for about 45 minutes. Came back and picked out a ton of cd's from the library (it's a great resource for filling up the ipod with things you wouldn't normally buy) I've got an interest in "world" music particularly african and brazilian styles.

    Saturday was productive and fun with bicycling on the trail again, spent some time doing seo work at my office at SunSpots and then went to see Sunshine Cleaning with Kat and new friends at the Orlando Movie Meetup Group. The movie was pretty good even though I left feeling like it was a downer. Definitely a good indie film. Acting was superior all around. Amy Adams just gets better and better. Alan Arkin has become a real Indie star in the past 5 years. Good to see him working so much.

    Sunday was chillfull. Went up to visit the parents in Lady Lake at The Villages. I decided to be ambitious and ride the bike following dad in his golf cart. He must have mistaken me for someone in good shape! lol I was pedaling as fast as I could and huffing and puffing, but we did almost 7 miles of riding around the man-made lakes and lil houses and shops of The Villages newest area.

    And that's it. Had a very relaxing Easter weekend. It was a tough week at SunSpots last week and we all definitely needed some chillaxin time.

  3. I love to scuba dive with my buddies Greg and James from Scubaradio, Ft Lauderdale, I think there is a weekend jaunt to the Keys in our future... also can't resist banging on the drumset! What's more fun than two sticks and eight drums to whack? Took my kids to Kennedy Space Center last week, what a blast! (off)sorry. Tom Hanks narrating the new Imax movie is fantastic. This weekend driving up to Gainesville (Go Gators!) for a family wedding.

  4. My favorite hobby is photography. If I'm not in my studio recording, I'm likely to be found somewhere outside capturing photos of FL wildlife. When I was in NC, I spent most weekends hiking, but now that we are in FL- we love riding bikes and going to the beach. There is no shortage of things to do here, that's for sure!

    Oh- and while I haven't updated this in way too long, here is a link to a few of my photos on Flickr:

  5. Cool Pics Kara! That's my favorite non-voicing thing to do. There's some good meetups in the central Florida area/Tampa area to join that go out on photo expeditions. I think tomorrow there's a balloon launch around 6am in Lakeland that photogs are going to shoot. I will be dreaming of tiny angelbabies at that time of day.

    Like you, when I'm in NC I enjoy shooting the natural beauty there. I'm planning on trying to do more of the HDR (High Dynamc Range) shots with some outdoor scenes. Here's a few sites that discuss how to do HDR: , , (this last site has a beautiful sunset shot that's just brilliantly illuminated).

    I've use a NIkon D3 with some good lenses. I haven't done anything seriously in a long time. You can see some of my shots on Flickr also under my "stage" name I've had since the late 70's (eek!):

    In addition to photography I like to play bluegrass guitar, drums, hand drums, beading necklaces (I have a friend who has Asheville's oldest bead store who got me in to that. ). I also enjoy folk art/primitive/outsider art type painting. My dog Buster is very often my subject. Plus, I LOVE to hear good live music from bluegrass to classical. Going to see George Clinton and Parliament tonight, Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire in a few weeks, then my summer of Steely Dan begins, plus 311 later in the summer too.

    Anyone else? What's your non-voicing thang'?