Monday, May 18, 2009

T-Mobile Flash Mob Dance Liverpool Video

Lots of bad news out there so it's nice to see something that will definitely put a smile on your face. I love the idea of street theater and this is a perfectly choreographed example of it at work in England's Liverpool Street Station. Go ahead and shake it at the office!

Fun wasn't it?
Isn't it great to see people of all ages and colors get together just to shake their collective groove thangs. Does it make me want to switch phone services to T-Mobile? Not really, but we are talking about them because of this video. As a basic branding device I think they hit the mark. The video is described as "T-Mobile dance" on Youtube so they've got their name out there in a very positive way. Wouldn't it be fun if during political season, the advertising took a more positive, fun approach? Let's hope that as we shift our values within our global economic crisis we appreciate and promote the good things in our world like cranking up the box and doing a little dance occasionally.

Oh, and when you need voiceovers and production for your audio projects call SunSpots at 800-355-SPOTS. We even edit together music like you've heard in the video for dance teams and cheerleader competitions. Yeah, we do it all. It's a burden we have to live with. ;-)

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