Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What do voiceover talent wear when they are voicing?

Hi there! SunSpots Deb here. Recently, I did a talent poll on Facebook asking what do voiceover talent wear while they are in the booth voicing. I also asked if there are certain materials that should or shouldn't be worn. I got some interesting feedback.

Catherine Smith admits that "VO talent are probably the only people in the world who worry about how much ambient noise their clothing makes. For me it's PJ's or my gym clothes!" Now I'm wondering, are those one piece footed PJ's? Cuz those sure are comfy.

Caryn Clark also likes to go the casual, comfy route. "jeans and a tee, or shorts and a tee. Come summer, it gets a little warm in the studio... so tank tops and shorts work!"

Cindy Neill apparently has a voice booth and sauna in one! Her "Sweat Box" doesn't have A/C, so she keeps it light and wears Workout Clothes
. She said nothing that makes noise when you move, but "Think more along the lines of "Reese Witherspoon at the supermarket." But without the body. Or the good looks. Or the hot boyfriend. And a bit more sweaty." Poor Cindy. Maybe someone will invent a noiseless fanso you can get some air moving in that booth.

Some talent really like to dress for the part and get into character. Take Jessica Gee for instance. At the time she was "voicing a chimp who plays tennis. So, I'm in a chimp suit from head to toe and i'm swinging a Tennis Racquet
at the mic!" Now that's dedication to a part!

Eric Michaels likes to keep things very low key. He prefers a "burlap sack with armholes and 'Will VO For Food' scrawled on it." Would someone please give Eric some VO work!

Most everyone agreed that the perfect VO wardrobe should be comfortable and made of cotton. That will help keep the noise to a minimum. And don't be like Eric who "Once had a leather belt- the braided weaved kind- that crunched and squeaked! Not good." Thanks for the advice Eric!

That's it for now. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for more exciting and informative talent polls. And thanks to the wonderful talent for participating and passing on their knowledge. Be sure to click on the link below to listen to their demos and check out all the SunSpots voiceover talent.

TTFN SunSpots Deb
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  1. Hey Deb! Congrats on your first post and an unusual subject too.

    Usually if I'm in my home voiceover booth I'm wearing a Japanese Hapi coat and straw hat. lol...nah! I prefer loose fitting items that don't make any noise when moved. I could relate to the leather woven belt, I know those belts and they are squeaky. I always sit and read the scripts (sorry purists but I've done it since I was in radio decades ago) so I'm always concerned more about chair noise. The ones I use are pretty squeakless. Except for the one time I was sitting on one while in session and the board got struck by lightning. YIKES! That's another story to tell later.

    Thanks again for posting Deb. We all look forward to what's on your mind.


  2. We are supposed to wear close in the booth??? u-oh