Thursday, October 28, 2010

Political Voiceovers-We're open all night...and weekend too!

What an amazing political advertising season this has been. My friends know when I say "amazing" it can mean a variety of things from positive to negative. In this case it means...WOW...we've been busy! Our voice talent are voicing campaigns all over the country. Positive, negative, controversial, viral...they're voicing and we're producing them all. We're all so busy I wanted to let you know that SunSpots™ is available to record your political spots and web videos nights and this pre-election day weekend too. We understand how rapidly political news and scenarios can change. That's why we're sticking around to do whatever it takes. We've got a special number to call just for after hours bookings. It's 888.530.7646 for after hours and weekends sessions only. Please call this number for after hours (past 6pm eastern) and weekends bookings.

Why should you come to SunSpots™ for your political voices and audio production? Because you're not going to have trudge through audition after audition sorting out the pros from the newbees (nothing against the newbees...we were all newbees once). You'll be able to direct your voice talent live, in real time, so you can get exactly what you want the first time...well, maybe not the first take, but you'll be able to direct and fine tune what you're after. Once your voiceover talent's been recorded we can custom craft your spot or video with music, sound effects, whatever you need. You can use our exclusive, ezCast™ search engine to find professional voiceover talent.

One of the most important reasons to work with SunSpots™ is because we're one of the few, if not only, licensed talent agency and audio production company in the world.

We follow a higher standard in all that we do.

And now down off the "come to SunSpots soapbox". Just wanted to let you know we're available when you need us in the coming evenings and weekend. Tuesday will be here before you know it. Then we can all get back to our "Save like never before" spots.

Have a great day!

SunSpots Productions Voice Talent Agency & Creative Audio Production

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