Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Voice Talent on Parade!

Ok, it's not quite a parade of voice talent, but there are a batch of voiceover pros working today with SunSpots Productions in both our locations near Asheville, NC and Orlando, FL.

Since NDA's (non-disclosure agreements) are now the rule and not the exception I'll just let you know who's working with us today, but not who for. If I did you'd have to kill me and then who's going to blather about on Facebook?

Voiceover Talent Todd Schick is lending his voicing prowess to an AV...that's a long form narration to the uninitiated. Here's Todd Schick voiceover demo with us. Todd sounds great and is very much the pro in the biz.

Don McDonald
Don McDonald is working the mic in another long form piece for a live presentation. Saying things, "And now ladies and gentlemen dessert!" Something along those lines for a live show. Voice Talent Don McDonald's audio demo is just a click away. I got to do a few of those when I voiced. My favorite was saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States!" I forgot who it was, but he was President or POTAS as we now say online and rarely in mixed company.

Looks like today is turning into super long form av day with even more being produced at our bi-state studios. There's another long form narration being performed by the multi-talented and dual first named, voiceover talent Larry Wayne. I like that dual first name sound, Larry Wayne sounds good, Tom Tom not so much.

She's a nurse, she's a singer, she's an actress, she's a voiceover professional who flat out kicks ass on long form medical av's. It's the amazing Liz Aiello! Liz turns diphickolated cardiofranistaniolathanoids in to something warm, fuzzy and understandable. Check out voice talent Liz Aiello's voiceover demo here. Oh and she's a great mom too!

Voiceover professional Dan Brodie is knocking out some radio spots with us for a secret chemical company whose name shall remain secret, hence "secret" chemical company. Floor polish? Dessert topping? They could be making both! Wonder what Dan Brodie sounds like? Wonder no more. Let's listen to voice talent Dan Brodie do what he does best.

Jay Patrick
Jay Patrick is voicing an AV for a MAJOR COMPUTER COMPANY today. THAT'S ALL I'M ALLOWED TO SAY...but it sounds so much more important in all caps doesn't it? Jay Patrick is also the founding audio engineer of SunSpots Productions. (Technically, I guess I was the founding engineer, but I was terrible at it so we hired Jay. I was too high strung for it. "FEDEX IS COMING!! HURRRY!" would send me into a frothy frenzy. See... much too excitable and I spoke in all caps back then too.) He was there when we started out over 83 years ago in a small barn on the Iowa plains making radio spots with an anvil and hammer. Ok, sorry, only part of that was true. There is a hammer around here somewhere. Check out Jay Patrick's voiceover demo right here.

Think the day's over? Not even close. There are radio commercials to be voiced and audio to be creatively produced! Yep people still listen to the radio and we've been producing spots for them for a few decades. Long enough to have been doings spots that would actually say out loud, "That internet web site address is, H, T, T, P, colon, back slash...etc."

Ronnie Manuel (that's Ronald Manuel on the SunSpots ezCast™ voiceover search engine), is doing a few radio spots today with us. Ronald Manuel's voiceover demo esta aqui!

Wendy Zier
Next up is someone who's name I always love to say around the studio when I hear she's voicing with us and even not when she's working with us. Super talented, Wendy Zier. Wendy is doing a tv commercial voiceover for that teenie mammal with a cruise ship. That's all I can say. Any more than that and they're hoisting me off the yard arm. Arrrrrrgh mateys! Here's one of SunSpots voiceover favorites, voice actor Wendy Zier.

Rounding out the voiceover talent we've booked for today, that's excluding the clients who will call us today needing their spot done today (that's not a problem clients...it's how we roll...making your job easier) are Wayne Thompson and Cindy Neill. Wayne is doing an AV for...a place...see I told you I can't tell you who.  Wayne's got a great sound. Here's Wayne Thompson's voice talent demo.

Cindy Neill is voicing some radio spots for a University, up north, in the north east, for a health system...thing. That's all I'm sayin'. Cindy says it best. Let's listen to voiceover talent Cindy Neill's voice demo. Cindy describes her voice styles as "mysterious, haunting, enveloping". I think "fantastic, smooth, lively, engaging" can be said too. She's great and we're proud to represent her.

So that's the lineup for today excluding the last minute feasts o' fun.

It's a day of audio production heaven at SunSpots Productions working with some of the best voiceover talent in the country.

Thanks to you all!

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