Friday, July 29, 2011

Ad Age Small Advertising Agency Awards Results...tiny shops think big

Congrats to all the nominees and winners in the annual Small Agency Conference and Awards show in Denver last night.

Winners List

Small Agency of the Year, Overall Gold

Winner, Campaign Gold

Small Agency of the Year Winner, Overall Silver

Winner, Campaign Silver

Winner, International Agency of the Year

Winner, Small Agency of the Year Culture

Winner, Gold, 1 to 10 employees

Winner, Silver, 1 to 10 employees

Winner, Gold, 11 to 75 employees

Winner, Silver, 11 to 75 employees

Winner, Gold, 75 to 100 employees

Winners, Silver, 75 to 100 employees TIE

Winners, West Region TIE

Winner, Southwest Region

Winner, Southeast Region

Winner, Midwest Region

Winner, Northeast Region

Congrats to all of the winners in this competition. A reminder...SunSpots Productions provides voiceover talent and creative audio production to all agencies regardless of size, be you a behemoth or tiny guppy. We make ears happy.

Thanks to Advertising Age magazine online for the info.


  1. These are awesome. The pieces that some of these agencies submits are absolutely fantastic.

  2. What's sweet is that the size of the agency doesn't matter, it's the creativity and uniqueness that bursts through. Whether that uniqueness "moves metal" is a different story. Always the great debate with creative and/or effective advertising.