Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Voiceover Studio offers FREE Kitty with Every Session!

Weeeeeeeel almost. Let's get those facts straight. A small, female, calico cat showed up at our studios near Asheville a few weeks ago. Here she is pictured in our new kitchen at the SunSpots Asheville studio.
Sleepy Kitty at SunSpots Asheville Recording Studios waiting for her new home

She, (we've been calling her Spot or SunSpots), needs a nice loving home. She gets along well with Buzz, our studio pup. Too many voice talent have allergies so we have to give her up. She's affectionate and operates an excellent purrbox when properly inspired. She's an indoor cat who's been checked by a vet with no feline leukemia or other issues. Doc thinks she's around 7-8 years old and 7 pounds. She likes to be pet and has a sweet voice/meow. Litterbox trained.

And now a message from her..."mew mew mew" Translated, "Please adopt me. I want to lie in the sun in your living room  and curl up in your lap at night."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Please write Janet (at) mysunspots.com to ask any questions or discuss adopting this wonderful cat.

You can also talk to Janet about scheduling voiceover talent too or search on our SunSpots web site for professional voice talent and book online.

Thanks and Happy Mew Mew To You!

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