Monday, July 14, 2008

The Economy is Slow?

As usual, these posts come from sitting around yapping with friends and co-workers about the state of things. Seeing the collapse of the Indymac bank, all the record foreclosures and tonight hearing of Anheuser-Busch being sold to Inbev in Belgium would make one think we're in the latter days. I mean, it IS an American icon of beer!

Seriously, it feels like we're living the Cliff Notes version of the Fall of the Roman Empire. Things are and have been moving rapidly in the wrong direction for quite a while. I'd say for about 8 years. Someone else would say otherwise. 

With all this bad news around us you'd think our business...the business of producing radio and tv commercials, doing audio productions for the web, kiosks, etc. and finding new voice talent, showcasing voiceover talent, providing professional voice talent to our clients around the world, etc...would be slumping or slow or terrible or awful.

Nope, none of the above.

Marty (the SunSpots master of the day...he's the guy who makes sure all the jobs start when they should, talent have copy, engineers have job packets, etc.) sends me at the end of every day what tomorrow's production and voicing schedule looks like.

Here's just an example of what we've been doing just in the past 2 weeks. 
  • An AV (industrial) for the Virgin Islands
  • 3 different Spanish national radio sessions
  • Building Company national radio
  • Resort vacation company national radio
  • Web audio for web show
  • Internet Company national radio
  • Finance Company national radio
  • Beauty Product national radio
  • Spots for China...yeah that China
  • y mucho mas
That's just for tomorrow. The past couple of weeks have been hopping too:
  • National Radio Campaigns for:
  • Financial Companies
  • Computer Companies
  • Clothing Company
  • Medical Service
Also we've done regular regional or local work for:
  • Cable company in Rhode Island
  • Bank in Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Ford Dealer in Rhode Island
  • Tourism in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Bank in coastal South Carolina
  • Hospital in Illinois
  • English and Spanish spots for the Santa Fe and Albuquerque markets
  • Chevy Dealer in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Hospital in Indiana
  • Real Estate spots for Orlando and the Internet (web use)
  • Jewelers in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
  • and even a telephone company in Canada
  • And these are just a sample of the past few day's work
The point is, beware of too much doom and gloom talk. Doom sells. Positive happy stories don't. Which says much about the human condition. 

As Casey Kasem used to say on the radio, "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars." (Have you heard his old American Top 40's being rerun on XM satellite radio? FUN STUFF!)

At SunSpots we keep our feet on the ground...runnin'! 



  1. INBEV bought Anheuser?!?! The name reminds me of another corporation. Does INGEN ring a bell?

    I think we are all aware of the atrocities that befell the world because of them... PEOPLE DIED! EATEN ALIVE BY TEST TUBE RAPTORS AND T-REX's!!!!

    This is not a good sign... I wonder how many other Amercian corporations will be selling to foreign companies with more valuable currencies in the coming years.

  2. My wife, daughter, sister in law and her boys went on a "Staycation" to Sea Worlds new attraction Aquatica

    and while standing in line my wife struck up a conversation with a man and woman from Scotland. As the conversation progressed it turned to beer, as do most of mine and my wifes talks tend to do, and the Scots were horrified that "your country allowed the sale of Budweiser to a foreign company!" They asked whats next on the block, Fort Knox!

    I agree that bad news sells. I also think that if we continue to support American based companies we as a country will not fail!

    Our economy will pick up again as it always does!